Emergency Restoration Service

If you’re dealing with a sewer main leak or backup, don’t panic. Call for help. Sewer water is full of dangerous pathogens including bacteria and can quickly wreak havoc on your property without professional help. Our certified sewage cleanup technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you face this challenge and minimize the headache and expense for you.

When sewer water enters your home or business, the best thing to do is to stop the source of water flow if possible. If not, you should avoid the area until professionals arrive.

When you call a Lone Tree expert squad of sewer restoration technicians, we’ll be on site within 60 minutes or less.

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Industry Leading Technology

As IICRC certified technicians, Lone Tree Emergency Restoration squads use hygroscopic imaging technology to find moisture, even when it’s hiding behind walls, underneath carpets or beneath a basement slab. Once we’ve located all areas of contamination, we use truck mounted, powerful pumps to draw the moisture out of the building quickly and safely. When all sources of standing water have been removed, we implement measures to draw moisture out of absorbent surfaces like carpets, rugs, furniture and sheetrock. Using vacuum containment and air scrubbing atmospheric filters, we prevent contamination from spreading return clean, dry air into the space to quickly evaporate contaminated water.

After everything’s dry, we’ll thoroughly sterilize all surfaces, removing bacteria, the root of odor and any lingering debris the sewage leak may have brought into your Lone Tree home or business.

As a full service, water damage company, we’re completely committed to your 100% satisfaction which is why we’ll put measures in place to prevent future problems and follow up a week after service is completed to ensure you’re happy with the job done.

Insurance Claim Processing and $500 Deductible Rebate! (720) 440-7844

If you’re working with an insurance company to process a water damage claim, by  law you don’t have to choose the company your insurance chooses. Generally, we recommend against this as insurance companies usually choose the lowest bidder for a given project. The lowest bidder generally carries no certification, uses uninsured labor and is generally ill-equipped to meet the unique problems a sewer leak creates.

Choose the professionals at Lone Tree Emergency Restoration and we’ll not only handle all aspects of cleanup, but we’ll work with your insurance claim adjuster on-site to minimize cost to you and handle the paperwork.

It’s all part of Lone Tree Emergency Restoration’s commitment to excellent service.

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